Episode 23 – June 20, 2010

We discuss:
Touchdown Jesus saves porn shop
God flooding the Gulf of Mexico with “the blood of a dead man”
Maryland protects tarot reading
School trades access for churches for school supplies

Buggs, Jeff, & Chris

Links mentioned:
Louisiana lawmakers propose prayer to stop oil disaster from CNN
Senator Robert Adley Calls for a State Wide Day of Prayer for Gulf Oil Crisis
from WBIR Online
Rick Perry: Oil Spill May Be An ‘Act Of God,’ Texas Governor Claims
Sarah Palin’s tweet
Is the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico predicted in the book of Revelation? from Examiner.com
Maryland’s Highest Court Holds That Fortune-Telling Ban Violates the First Amendment from The Volokh Conspiracy
School trades evangelism access for shoes, school supplies from USA Today

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