Episode 10 – February 6th, 2010

Things get pretty heated as we were divided over medieval style justice and the ban of the burka in France. We also discuss and have shocking audio from the Fitchburg City Council meeting on Planned Parenthood. This is an extra-long episode, as we didn’t want to cut anyone off during a heated but challenging conversation.  Run time is a little over an hour and a half.


The Boston Globe article Justice, Medieval Style
One of many  Mail Online’s articles on the Burka ban in France
Fitchburg Access TV’s video of the Planned Parenthood City Council Meeting
Local, far-right, pro-religion coverage of the Fitchburg City Council meeting from DaTechGuy
The Rise of the Irreligious Left, the Reemergence of Republican Religious Neutrality article from Secular Right

One Response to “Episode 10 – February 6th, 2010”

  1. Ziz Says:

    I left a comment on DataTechGuy’s blog as well re: the Planned Parenthood debate.

    There was a question about how business owners feel about the protesters and their effect on business. I would argue that the overwhelming presence of social services in the Main Street area (A homeless shelter, Communinty Health Link, ARC, half-way homes, a “wet” shelter and a methadone clinic all in a 2-3 mi area) has already done a good job of chasing away businesses and customers. What is one more? At least protesters may stop and buy a cup of coffee or a slice of pizza.

    I think that the people of Fitchburg are tired of having their city and down town area be the hub for social services in the area. While these services are needed and essential, they bring no income to the area and ironically reduce the quality of life for people nearby.

    Regarding Planned Parenthood itself, protest is called for and justified given the body of evidence against Planned Parenthood and the organizations negative effect on various populations, namely those who they are most trying to “help.”

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