Episode 18 – April 10, 2010

We discuss signing away your “soul,” why we don’t consider ourselves agnostic, Fox claims there are no atheists in foxholes, 10 commandment weekend, and we finally take on the pope for a bit.


Links mentioned:
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Pope Benedict Hit By New Church Child Abuse Allegations from BBC News

3 Responses to “Episode 18 – April 10, 2010”

  1. Debbie Says:

    As Business Manager of a church in the Archdiocese of Boston, I would like to clarify some information that was incorrect in your broadcasts. All money donated at Mass in the collection, all Grand Annual money, and all fundraising money is kept and used in the parish where the money was collected. It is used for the upkeep of the buildings and the salaries of personnel. The only money that does not stay within the parish are 2nd collections which are taken up for specific charities and these are sent to the charities themselves. The Archdiocese takes 6% of the Offertory and uses it to support Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese. The money to pay off the court cases came from the sale of Archdiocesan properties and from private donors not from the parishes. No Catholic approves of what happened regarding the priests, including what the Pope did. Most hope he will step down from his position. Most also feel Cardinal Law should be in jail.

  2. Chris Lackey Says:

    Thanks for you informed input. Unfortunately, it seems like you are missing one major point – the properties they sell are from donations/private donors. Most, if not all, church properties are originating from donations. Sure, some may be from investments, but the original investment money is from donations of some sort.

    I know if I donated a location or money for a location to the church, and then learned it was sold to pay off the settlement for a child molester, I would not be happy. Sure, there’s a step in between, but basically, the money went to pay off the actions of a priest who abused children. The church is closing parishes, especially here in the Fitchburg/Leominster area, and that’s a huge sacrifice for the members of those churches, and it seems as though they are making the major sacrifices, while the church continues to make attempts to make the problem seem smaller than it is. The problems were rampant, and it went right to the top. We only know about the priests and protectors who have been caught.

    When they sell off a church or close one, how about all of those donations that were given for the upkeep of that building? They paid all of the bills. All of that is now being sold off to pay off the family of a child who was molested. Sure, they could tell themselves that their money wasn’t supporting it then when the church was doing well, but how about now that their church has been sold off?

    You may trust the Archdiocese, but I know I don’t, and I’m joined by many Americans.

    You are wildly incorrect about what “no” Catholics support, unless you would excommunicate anyone from the Catholic Church who does support what happened to the priests or pope. I’ve spoken to many Catholics who think the church is being unfairly persecuted. There are plenty of apologists out there.

    The church is corrupt, and supporting a highly corrupt organization of the worst kind – one that takes in kids and promises to protect and save them, and then rape them in numbers shockingly high, seems immoral to me.

    In the history of the church, only one pope has stepped down, and it won’t happen here. The church will rally around him, as it already has, and things will continue as usual. Protecting scumbags and rapists is what they do best. I can’t see how anyone could morally support it. Certainly there is no god there.

  3. rjbowlin Says:

    I appreciate your clarification. It is a relief that, people have, at least some choice ,to withhold support. One must question the fundamentals of an institution purporting to be here to guide humankind, but on all levels has shown inability to guide itself. One must question an institution that is suggested to exist on a gods authority, yet fears the laws of man. One must question the moral authority of an institution, that has silenced and shamed the innocent, while corruption itself was aloud to walk free.
    Self-preservation: What will your church not sacrifice for this cause? Now that its ethics, its youth, and its authority, have already been thrown on the alter? I suggest very little.

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