McDrive® è la risposta per chi ama il fast food ma preferisce gustare i menu in libertà in macchina a casa o in viaggio. McDonald's said Tuesday it has agreed to acquire a company that is trying to automate the drive-thru. March 14, 2007 The quick-serve industry's never-ending quest to erase the unpleasant image of disgruntled drive-thru customers screaming orders into a clown's face has seized onto new advances in technology. It's the fast-food giant's third tech-focused deal this year. These fast-food chains like to say jobs won’t be lost to this kind of automation, but it seems likely that will happen eventually. McDonald’s new drive-thru menus will change based on the weather, traffic, and time of day The company bought a machine-learning startup to make its menus smarter. McDonald’s may be the first to automate the drive-thru, though. The experience really gave customers a chance to peruse the menu while deciding what to order. Technology McDonald's Just Made Another Surprising Move, ... And McDonald's isn't even the only fast food restaurant to experiment with digital technology at the drive through. The restaurant chain experimented with outsourcing drive-thru orders to call centers and plans to … The 32-year-old victim was forced out of his red Hyundai Getz by the armed man at the drive-through section of the Eagle Vale fast food franchise, in Sydney's south-west. These digital marketing campaigns not only drive footfall to restaurants, but also help McDonald's to increase brand loyalty and engagement. McDonald’s just announced some big news — and for once, it’s not about an item on their menu. But it is loosely related, since it may change the game in the way you order. So it’s no surprise that McDonald’s has been looking at technology solutions to further expand drive-thru volume. The best place for exclusive deals and offers. Heading into the year, McDonald’s drive-thru times had increased, year-on-year for five straight. The lifeblood of McDonald's business flows through the drive-thru, so improving that experience with accuracy and speed is a wise move. Not too long ago, McDonald’s experimented with ordering via kiosk. On New Years Day, police grappled with a passenger in a car at the drive through who was passed out. McDonald's is adding Ai-based voice ordering tech to its drive-thrus. In a plea for help on Reddit, a McDonald's employee new to the drive-thru asked how to make the position "a more pleasing experience" in spite of mumbling customers and chaotic multi-tasking.. Workers who have been through the wringer quickly chimed in. Secrets of working at McDonald's - from how the technology works to why customers have their photo taken From taking orders at the drive thru, to frying chips and cooking quarter pounders. McDonald's is buying a tech company to personalize its drive-thru experience. The just-announced purchase of voice tech company Apprente enhances McDonald’s efforts to boost voice-ordering efficiency. McDonald’s didn’t break out the traffic number, only to say it was “less negative than the first quarter.” One of, if not the biggest, headlines in fiscal 2019 has involved the drive thru. Fast food giant McDonald’s is using cognitive technology to convert drive-through orders to text that can be fed directly into the outlet’s point-of-sale system. McDonald's is a leading innovator in the fast-food industry. We’ve got a €2 Big Mac® with your name on it – all you need to do is register with the app and off you go! The fast-food giant announced Tuesday that it … The Restaurant With the Fastest Drive-Thru Service In America Is a Household Name (Clue: It's Not McDonald's) Have you ever wondered which drive-thru's are the fastest? Take a Home Warranty Quiz Get matched with an Accredited Partner Scott Olson/Getty Images Next time you order a Big Mac, ask yourself if you're talking to a robot or a human. Drive-thru windows can account for more than 50% of Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) daily sales. I hadn't until now. Like us on Facebook to see … Whangaparāoa teen drives ride-on lawnmower through McDonald's drive-thru 13 Jan, 2021 06:13 PM 2 minutes to read You can take the boy out of the farm but you can't the farm out of the boy. McDonald’s acquires Apprente to bring voice technology to drive-thrus Anthony Ha @anthonyha / 1 year McDonald’s is increasingly looking at tech acquisitions as … McDonald's wants to improve drive-thru speeds — to help customers, of course, but also in hopes of getting them to show up more often and spend more when they visit. McDonald's has already rolled out Dynamic Yield's technology to 700 drive-thrus in the U.S., McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook said during an April earnings call with investors. Terrifying moment a man ordering McDonald's drive-through is threatened with a huge gun through his window by a masked attacker. It must have been a wild New Years party last night. McDonald's has agreed to acquire Apprente, whose speech recognition technology can supposedly understand complex orders.McDonald's has acquired two … McDonald’s is aiming to have the technology in place at almost all of its U.S. and Australian drive-thrus by the end of 2019. STARKE, FL – Customers at the Starke McDonalds didn’t exactly get the quick drive through service they are accustomed to. McDonald's App. McDonald’s says that recommendation algorithms have already demonstrated an unspecified increase in order size and the chain plans to roll them out to all its drive … "Over time, using data from the millions of customers that we serve daily, the technology will get smarter and smarter through machine learning," Easterbrook said. McDonald’s will use Dynamic Yield’s technology at its drive-through windows, where digital displays will change in real-time based on factors such as weather and what the customer is ordering. Sources familiar with the matter said that the deal is valued at more than $300 million. As far as the drive-thru goes, adding voice recognition technology can help McDonald’s streamline the drive-thru experience, cutting down on ever-lengthening wait times. The company has turned to technology alongside menu simplification, which included cutting premium items and trimming its late-night … A few … Dive Insight: Drive-thru times have been a particular focus for McDonald's this year, with drive-thru times increasing in recent years due to the addition of fresh beef quarter pounders, all-day breakfast and premium products that take longer to make. Facile, semplice, veloce! McDonald's hopes that an investment in technology is the special sauce that will transform drive-thru ordering. We’ve put together ten campaigns from across the world where McDonald’s has succeeded. Drive-thru technology has changed more than the way consumers order food.